Skin care


During a skin care consultation, our doctor skin care professional of b vertex will perform a physical exam, and may ask you questions about your medical history, past breakouts, and current acne flare-ups. Women will be asked about their menstrual cycles to help determine whether hormones are having a significant impact on their breakouts.

Certain symptoms and observations made during this exam may indicate underlying health issues that require different treatment plans. If this is the case, our doctor or dermatologist may run a series of tests to rule out any diseases and illnesses that could be causing any skin ailments.


Variety of reasons may be dependable for dark skin pigmentation. Abnormal exposure to sunlight and UV rays is implicated. Incidents to the skin may also result in this condition. Relatively ominously, hyperpigmentation can also be caused by more serious conditions such as celiac condition and Addison’s disorder.

The treatment method may include application of sunblock or topical creams. To eliminate more established cases of dark pores and skin pigmentation, laser solutions are applied by us.


PRP is a organic solution created from your own body. small quantity of blood vessels is attracted from you and placed in a sterile and clean tube that is spun down in a centrifuge to split the different ingredients of the blood. Red and white blood cells are separated from the platelets and the plasma (the clear fluid). This plasma now is composed of a higher than standard range of platelets and is called platelet rich plasma, or PRP.

Platelets are the tissue in the blood stream that enable tissues to heal and develop new cells. it is worked with into distinct areas of the skin tone, act as a matrix that encourages your individual collagen to grow, regenerates tissues, and thus operates as to normally simple and tighten the epidermis. In this way, PRP softens facial lines and generating simpler skin texture and overall tone.

Tattoo Removal:

Tattoo removing has been executed with various equipment since the start of tattooing. While tattoo designs were once regarded permanent, it is now achievable to remove them with treatments, fully or somewhat.

The "standard technique for tattoo removal"[1] is the non-invasive removal of tattoo tones using Q-switched lasers. Various types of Q-switched lasers are used to target different colors of tattoo ink depending on the particular light consumption spectra of the tattoo tones. Generally, black and other darker-colored inks can be removed absolutely using Q-switched laser treatment while lighter colors such as yellows and greens are even now very challenging to remove. Good results can depend on a large variety of elements including skin color, ink color, and the depth at which the ink was applied.

sun burn:

Coverage to the unpleasant sun rays of the sunlight for extended duration could lead to sunburns. They express independently as soreness of the skin, on the revealed part and at times inflammation and lesions too. The level of the sunburn relies upon on the form of epidermis and the length one is revealed to the sun. The UV sun light from the sun respond with the skin and cause to these symptoms. Though sunburns can be self-handled by applying cold squeezes and over the reverse creams and gels that soothes the skin, but a physician consultation is required if these symptoms are accompanied by high fever, chills and severe pain.


Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is a remarkably advanced technique of cosmetic pigmentation. While identical to traditional tattooing, Scalp Micropigmentation is also exclusive in a variety of ways. SMP includes the use of remarkably specialized products and techniques to inject pigment into the scalp. Scalp Micropigmentation is a particularly intricate procedure with a verified result. The quality of your treatment depends on two things: Using the most up-to-date equipment, and acquiring your treatment from the most skilled and knowledgeable practitioners. At Hairline Ink, we use the computer-controlled controlled system, the most reducing edge technology in the industry, to ensure you receive a reliable appearance across the head and completely perfect results. Each treatment method is tailored to your actual skin color and type. As Hairline Ink was founded with the intention of becoming the leaders in the Scalp Micropigmentation industry, we only employ practitioners whose expertise is undeniable, with a history of verified results.

chemical peels

Chemical Peels involves making use of the chemical evenly over the skin, whether it is the facial area or the hands or the neck section. The individual can either check out a clinic offering the treatment by buying the product of the clinic and use at home if you are comfortable with the technique. The individual getting the Chemical Peels therapy should know that once the chemical substance is used, it will form sores on the skin and after a while, it will peel off. But the first few minutes, there would be a burning up experiencing but it will minimize after some time. The person can feel a painful feeling also. In such cases, a cold compress may have to be used to take proper care of this response. the surface of the skin will stay a minimal sensitive for a couple of days and if the individual has to go out in the sun then the use of a sunscreen lotion is essential to secure the skin from any harm. chemicals used in producing the Chemical Peels include Alpha-hydroxy acid, Glycolic or trichloroacetic acid and Trichloroacetic acid, the final one generally found in the Chemical Peels used for serious procedures..

Stretch marks treatment

Surgical stretch mark removal is the long-lasting processes for stretch marks removal. Other solutions like laser stretch mark treatment can fade the stretch marks, and lessen their importance but are unable to remove them fully. Though it does not pose any form of probability, it remains a source of anxiety and low self-esteem for most of us. If individuals want to eliminate the stretch marks absolutely, then surgical treatment is the evitable option.


people have scar tissue that we would like to get eliminated. Scars can be caused by a surgery treatment method, acne or pimples, skin grafting or from any injury to the skin surface area. With our professionals in b vertex, these scars can be successfully treated by reducing their overall look using a range of Skin solutions offered by b vertex.

B Vertex is excited to offer scar reduction treatment method, which techniques normal skin rejuvenation and Scar Restore Therapies. These procedures or therapies stimulate the skin to change and preservation itself naturally and safely, developing smoother, healthier looking skin and enhancing the overall look of the scar secure the skin from any harm. chemicals used in producing the Chemical Peels include Alpha-hydroxy acid, Glycolic or trichloroacetic acid and Trichloroacetic acid, the final one generally found in the Chemical Peels used for serious procedures..


BOTOX cosmetic is used to cut down the appearance of traces on the facial area that are caused by recurring, deep muscle bound contractions. Facial lines on the face that are generally caused by facial activities and muscle bound contractions (instead than by sunlight damage or age), consist of frown lines (forehead, brow line, and in between the eyes) and crow's feet (on the side of either eye).

If these outlines are minor, they can be dealt with by other solutions such as chemical peels or laser device resurfacing; however, they seem to recur as your facial movements are repeated. Therefore, a better treatment option for these areas is BOTOX Cosmetic. BOTOX Cosmetic will not remove your potential to demonstrate facial expression or to have regular skin feelings. Only isolated muscle tissue are "relaxed" so they do not develop lines. The "relaxed" muscle's durability and size is re-grown as the BOTOX Cosmetic wears off.


The performance of B VERTEX SOLUTION of Soothing Touch Laser therapy can be seen in just 6 consultations with up to 90% hair reduction. USPs of b vertex Hair Free Soothing Touch Laser.

  • We use US FDA accepted laser technology that is extremely safe for Indian epidermis.
  • Laser light beam is consumed by the darkish color (melanin) of your hair.
  • It performs on hair basic (follicles), without having damaging the encompassing skin.
  • This minimizes your hair from the basic and stops further more growth.


Non-ablative laser treatment are a ground-breaking technological innovation in that they are absolutely no lower time, demand no pain medications or needles, yet have an result on the skin to make it softer and a lot more even in color. Lasers are unique light and energy sources that selectively targeted particular skin problems. Non-ablative laser light goes through the top level of skin, devoid of experiencing it or influencing it in any way. Non-ablative laser are harmless, non-invasive, and absolutely no outages.

The Genesis laser device lighting moves into the further levels of the skin, the dermis, and induces the skin to rejuvenate by:

  • Reducing blood veins that are creating the skin frequently red.
  • Splitting up fibrotic and bound lower acne scars.
  • inducing new collagen to develop to clean irregular structure and facial lines.


FILLER TREATMENT is the non- surgical anti- aging treatment method which provides the biggest precision in wrinkle modification and is the most satisfying of them all for the actual value of an instant modification. They are minimally obtrusive processes utilizing fine needles to restore volume, improve or re contour face functions and soften facial wrinkles. The skill of the physician and the type of filler used decides the result. Most injectables contain Hyaluronic acid which is a normally occurring component of normal skin. The filler injections vary in their concentration of the hyaluronic acid and this in turn decides the indication and the longevity. Generally we use fillers that last around a year, are safe and allow you to take the choice to add or reduce the effect if you choose to do so.


Body contouring relates to the procedure of improving the form of various parts of the exterior body. This may be essential after periods of immense bodyweight reduction to eliminate any dropping skin and unwanted fat that may be undesirable. It also eliminates fat that builds up under the skin to form dimples.

Slimming and sculpting the body, elimination of fat and the reduction of inches and excess fat are all part of the body contouring method.

Symptoms in which it is sought for:

  1. Removal of excess localised fat in stomach, hip and legs, hands, butt, double chin etc.
  2. Cellulite elimination, more so in the lower body.
  3. Publish liposuction/bariatric surgery skin tightening up and shaping.
  4. Post maternity skin dropping and fat elimination.


Skin diseases are frequent issues in all era categories and they are caused by a lot of aspects. Some skin disorders are triggered by internal health problems, although others are triggered by ecological factors like pollution, extreme sun direct exposure and so on. For numerous years, b vertex solutions has provided numerous therapies as well as diagnostic procedures to patients with a main aim of conquering different types of skin disorders.