Hair transplant

Hair transplant in India is of great quality because of the intense research that is ongoing in the field. Modern technologies are being tried to serve the forthcoming needs of patients. One best example which b vertex solution is employing for the effective hair transplant is the use of FUE technology. Such optimistic factors improve the ability to solve the problem of baldness which is getting a great source of social dilemma.

Hair transplant needs good expertise to get the desired recovery of beauty. The achievements of the periods are dependent on the determination of the team in charge of the whole process. Doing your hair transplant in India will ensure that you get the proficiency and expertise that will work out your hair issue. You may think that only a small part of the scalp is affected only to recognize that more work is needed. A good team will not only restore your hair; it will prevent further balding by ensuring that enough hair follicles are transplanted. Skilled hands won’t work on your scalp without the right equipment-they go hand in hand together to ensure that a best job is done. We have a state-of-the-art operating theatre as well as surgical products to achieve the best outcome. From the starting of the procedure until the patient is being discharged, care is taken at each step. You will be given complete printed information about post-op management and what to expect in the coming days. This printout will answer your questions concerning how to get back to your life and normal regime. Once you visit us, you will know what to expect even as you prepare for the transplant. The hair transplant cost differs from one person to another. No two patients will receive the same procedure because of some unique modifications in the client presentation. It depends on the affected area that requires hair transplant, the number of grafts needed to cover that area, and the number of settings necessary. For a better diagnostic along with the accurate cost of hair transplant, we would appreciate if you could kindly send us a set of photographs that can allow us to evaluate the number of grafts to be implanted. Please see our photo guidelines. b vertex solution tries as much as possible to offer cut-throat offers for hair transplant in India. We would love to be the solution when you are looking for your baldness. For this purpose, we make modifications to fit the needs of every person. You should gain confidence in us and let us guide you out.

People who suffer who suffer baldness or hair loss b vertex solution have world best dermatologist and expertise in hair transplantation; if your hair loss is minimal it is prevented by prescribed medications. But its starts affecting your personality you should have hair transplant.

There are manly two technique of hair transplant:

  • Fue (follicular unit extraction): in this method of hair transplantation, our doctor takes only the hair grafts; unlike other method, entire strip is not taken from the scalp. Therefore there is no significant scar in this method. His recovery period is shorter in fue process; in many instances patients can join work from the next day of the surgery.
  • Fut(follicular unit transplant):fut hair transplantation is one of the handiest methods counted now for hair restoration surgical processes. In medical terminology it is called follicular unit transplantation (fut) process where the donor material is scrapped in the method of strip in the shape of ellipse.

After we finish our treatment does not mean our connection completes with you, we always connected with you and we prescribed shampoos and proper balance diet which incredibly effective to you and your overall health.